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Sue is an LPGA Golf Teaching Pro, Yoga Instructor and College Professor. Sue lived on the north side of South Mountain when we met. She has the most amazing energy and outlook on the world. We are blessed to be living this life in our true essence.




Sheila owns a marketing agency in Phoenix. She embodies the motto "work hard, play hard". Sheila lived on the south side of South Mountain when they met. From that very first meeting Sue and Sheila hit it off and it's been a most amazing life ever since.

Special thanks to Jim & Miriam for a very memorable shower

April 22nd, 2013
Wedding Shower

Wedding Shower


First Look: Engagement Photos

April 21st, 2013

OK, we are less than a month away!

April 18th, 2013

And we couldn’t be more excited! This is going to be one fun party. Thanks to all of you who have RSVP’d!

Wedding Invitation

Sue and Sheila’s Wedding Invitation


Casual Dress Questions

April 8th, 2013

Hello Everyone

We have had a few questions about the Casual Dress note in the RSVP’s. The weather is supposed to be beautiful and slightly warm with average temps in the mid 80 to low 90′s during the day . The evening will cool down and the ceremony will be a beautiful.

Our Colors are White, Orange and Gray if you want to join in on the fun from a color perspective.

Men Casual Attire List Suggestions:

  • Casual Slacks – Nice Jeans are fine (Just not holey jeans please). Cotton or linen slacks might be very comfortable for most
  • Collared shirts – No Jackets necessary and Orange ties optional to support the color theme.
  • Short sleeve or long sleeve shirts
  • Casual business attire is perfect.

Women Casual Attire List Suggestions:

  • Dressy casual wear
  • Casual slacks, skirts or nice shorts are fine. Nice jeans are fine. Please no jean shorts or holey jeans.
  • Linen or cotton shorts skorts or skirts 
  • Sleeveless blouses or cotton linen blouses
  • Summer dresses
  • Casual business attire is perfect.

Please hydrate prior to the ceremony as it may be a little warm during the ceremony. Food and beverages will served immediately following the ceremony during family photos.

We are both very excited about spending the evening with you all. :). Thanks for coming!

Special Thanks to Jim and Miriam

March 18th, 2013

Special thanks to Jim and Miriam for hosting our wedding shower! You are so thoughtful and generous.

Sue, Jim and Miriam

Sue, Jim and Miriam


The Most Touching Speech

March 10th, 2013

Cherie (Mom) and Steve gave an amazing and touching speech at the HRC Arizona Gala dinner on March 9. We were so honored. Here is an excerpt.

HRC AZ Gala Dinner March, 2013

HRC AZ Gala Dinner March, 2013

CHERIE: I really can’t say that I was surprised when Sheila told us that she was gay. My only concern was to let her know that our love was unconditional and that we’d do all we could to support her. Since that day my admiration for her has only grown and I often tell people that when I grow up I want to be just like her.

STEVE: When I married Cherie in 1990 I got a package deal…along with my wife came three incredible daughters, each of whom has been a source of great joy and delight in my life. I’m a pastor in the Lutheran church and through the years it was my privilege to officiate at the weddings of two of those daughters. I was pleased that they wanted me to be a part of their big days.

Tonight I want to announce to all of you that soon my joy will be complete. Through the years I’ve watched Sheila search for a partner who would be a true companion on life’s journey. I was thrilled when she met the love of her life, Sue Wieger (especially when I discovered that she was an LPGA pro who could transform my golf game). Very soon they are going to be married, not in Washington or some state where gay marriage is legal, but right here in Arizona…and they’ve asked me to preside at the ceremony! I was so happy to say “yes.”

A few years ago I would have never dreamed that something like this would be possible. But the winds of change are blowing in our land. It’s even happening in our denomination. After many years of arguing we have determined that gay persons in faithful committed relationships can serve as pastors in our congregations. It’s been a struggle, but the momentum has shifted…a new day is dawning, one that will mean full inclusion for LGBT folks even in the church.

Some might ask if Sheila and Sue can really get married in Arizona. Of course they can…and their marriage will be properly blessed by God. They won’t have the paperwork from the state…but that day is coming too…and one day they’ll be able to go down to the courthouse and fill out the proper forms.

A new day is dawning and one day any LGBT couple who wants to get married legally will be able to do so even here in Arizona.


Many Thanks for a Great Birthday Party

February 2nd, 2013

So grateful to my beautiful Sue and our friends for a fun evening of birthday celebration and golf simulation.

Sheila's Birthday

Sheila’s Birthday



So Happy Harley Is OK

January 28th, 2013

Last Friday, we took Harley-girl to the Emergency Room to find that she had bloat (twisted stomach).  Being 12, surgery was not an easy decision but we made it and we are so happy she made it through and is home recovery now!


3rd Place in the AZ Tech Council Golf Tourney

January 24th, 2013

Sheila can really pick her teammates! With Sue along with Stuart and Jeff from one of Sheila’s clients, we placed 3rd at the Arizona Technology Council annual golf tournament in a field of nearly 100 men. Fortunately it was a scramble. Sue cleaned up in the women’s division!

Wonderful Holidays

January 2nd, 2013

It was a wonderful holiday spent with family and friends at our house in the mountains. So very grateful for you and the time together!